Healthcare Gel Pack Products

The application of cold is often specifically prescribed for inflammatory conditions such as bursitis, tendinitis, and arthritis. It is used to accelerate rebuilding and repairing tissues damaged by medically invasive procedures, open sores, and wounds. Cold therapy decreases the painful spasms of an injured muscle. The numbing effect it produces on subcutaneous nerves tends to reduce pain. When applied immediately following surface or internal injuries, cold constricts local blood vessels which decreases bleeding and swell.

PSI Flex-Gel™ and Polar Ice packs are safe, durable, and moderately priced. Individual packs in over a dozen sizes, disposable pack covers, and the PSI Cryostim™ Trigger Point Probe, provide the basis for the cold therapy system.

Pelton Shepherd Industries also offers a complete line of therapeutic heat products. Moist Heat is used extensively in physical therapy applications for the treatment of chronic conditions. Used in wound management, moist heat therapy is also an effective drug free tranquilizer.

Custom Print & Sizing Available.

We will create any size gel pack to meet your requirements. We can design co-branded or custom labeled gel packs and refrigerants to match any need.

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