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When health and well-being are on the line, every degree matters. Count on us for the performance and reliability you need to ship with confidence.

Glacier Ice - Gel Refrigerant Ice Packs

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Whatever your priority, our extensive catalog has reliable options to match.

a picture of two glacier ice gel packs in a pharmaceuticals delivery box

Trusted When Cold Matters

+30°F formulations developed to the highest efficacy standards and backed by decades of reliable performance in the life science industries

a picture of two ecogel gel packs with a pharmaceuticals delivery box

Trusted When Sustainability Matters

Innovative packs that lead the industry in energy efficiency, environmental safety and recyclability.

a picture showing gel pack cooling life science products

Trusted When Accuracy Matters

Precision packs engineered to maintain precise eutectic points for safety and accuracy when shipping pharmaceuticals, bio materials and other life sciences products.

Life Sciences Solutions

From programs and services to product innovations, we’re working to keep your business on the cutting edge.

Our Conditioning Operations, Logistics and Delivery Program (“COLD”) takes the stress out of cold chain supply planning so you can focus on your core business.

Protect your operations from dry ice shortages with our proven high-performance, environmentally friendly alternative, Enviro Ice™ -12°C.

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Our representatives are well versed in the specific shipping requirements of the life sciences industries. We’re ready to work with you to meet your business needs. 

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