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Earth Friendly Gel Ice Packs for Meal Kits

Gel Packs For Perishables

Companies that manufacture or transport perishables face an unprecedented demand for their products — and the challenges that coincide with maintaining the cold chain while keeping up with a surge in orders. For example, the number of consumers purchasing groceries online has skyrocketed over the past few years, and e-commerce sales of food and beverages are not expected to slow down.

Businesses must find ways to ensure accurate temperature control during product transport while minimizing shipping costs and keeping up with increased order volume. Additionally, food and beverage organizations are under pressure to adopt sustainable practices to stay competitive. Today’s customers want to see companies incorporating sustainability into their processes, including utilizing eco-friendly packaging.

Whether your company transports groceries, meal kits, agricultural goods, or processed foods and beverages, uniquely designed gel packs can help you keep products at safe, compliant and consistent temperature levels while keeping shipping costs low and showcasing your sustainability efforts.

Our Gel Packs for Shipping Food and Other Perishables

Water-based cold packs are an ideal packaging coolant for shipping foods and other perishable products requiring refrigeration. Unlike dry ice, which is dangerous to handle and requires adherence to stricter shipping regulations, our gel packs are non-toxic and food-safe. They are constructed with puncture-resistant material to prevent leakage and keep moisture from contaminating and degrading perishables.


We design every gel pack to offer effective packaging solutions that address our customers’ specific shipping requirements. Our gel pack lines include:

a picture of a moisture guard gel pack in a chilled food delivery box

Trusted When Cold Matters

Our cost-effective GlacierTemp gel packs suit perishables requiring a +30 F eutectic point. Leak-proof EcoGel and Glacier Moisture Guard packs were specially designed to address moisture concerns with shipping perishables.

a picture of two enviro ice gel packs with a seafood delivery box

Trusted When Sustainability Matters

 If you’re seeking ways to incorporate sustainability into your organization’s workflow, consider our eco-friendly TerraTemp line. Our Terra Ice pack, for example, is a compostable gel pack that you and your customers can dispose of without negative environmental impact. In addition, our patented Enviro Ice pack can be recycled as plant food. 

Gel Refrigerant Freezer Packs for Meal Kits

Trusted When Accuracy Matters

Composed of food-grade, organic materials, our self-insulating CuraTemp gel packs help you maintain consistent temperatures and are available with various eutectic points. Whether you need to keep food at -10 F or +30 F, CuraTemp is a dependable option.

Food Industry Solutions

If you need a storage solution for gel packs and quick fulfillment times, consider our Conditioning Operations, Logistics and Delivery program. 


From programs and services to product innovations, we’re working to keep your business on the cutting edge.

Our Conditioning Operations, Logistics and Delivery Program (“COLD”) takes the stress out of cold chain supply planning so you can focus on your core business. 

Protect your food and perishable shipments from dry ice shortages with our proven high-performance, environmentally friendly alternative, Enviro Ice™ -12°C.

Our representatives are well versed in the specific requirements of food-safe shipping. We’re ready to work with you to meet your business needs.

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