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The contents of all of our gel packs are nontoxic and should not be harmful if ingested in small quantities by your child, dog, or other pet. However, if you have any concerns we recommend you contact your doctor, veterinarian or local poison control center immediately. 

The NPK of Enviro Ice is 0.1-0-0

It takes around 1,000 pounds of regular Enviro Ice product to apply 1 pound of nitrogen to the soil.

However, the NPK of Enviro Ice -12C is 6-0-0

It takes around 16 pounds of  Enviro Ice -12C product to apply 1 pound of nitrogen to the soil.

Please see our Disposal Instructions page for specific information about each product.

Enviro Ice is the only ice pack available which also recycles as plant food when mixed with tap water.

You can find detailed instructions for how to use Enviro Ice as plant food on our Disposal Instructions page or see how the plant food works on our Enviro Ice page.

Enviro Ice gel packs contain natural and organic ingredients (no GMO ingredients) but are not certified by the FDA. 

No. Gel packs you receive in shipments are specially formulated for commercial use, and stay cold too long for safe application to the body. Please talk to your doctor or practitioner about our line of physical therapy products, which are the best choice for both cold and hot therapeutic treatments at home.

We recommend contacting the doctor or practitioner from whom you originally received the product.  If this is not possible, please contact us and we can help you find a distributor. 

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Consistently Accurate, Uniquely Sustainable Commercial Gel Packs

Whatever your priority, our extensive catalog has reliable options to match. Our gel pack lines include:

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Backed by decades of performance, our GlacierTemp cold packs and shapeable foam bricks offer various price points and features for shipping needs requiring 32°F formulations.

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High-performing and revolutionary TerraTemp packs offer a sustainable choice with no compromises.

CuraTemp - Freezer Packs for Temperature Accuracy

Formulated in eutectic points ranging from -10°F to 32°F, CuraTemp packs ensure precise temperature control.

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