"Just in Time" Frozen Delivery Program

Pelton Shepherd Industries (PSI) has six manufacturing facilities across the United States which allows us to meet customer’s needs very timely and cost effectively manner. Below is an outline of our JIT or “Just in Time” frozen delivery services.

PSI’s JIT program begins with forecasting. We work with each customer/location to determine the demand in the future weeks. If the customer isn’t sure how to assist, we use our resources and purchase history to predict their needs. Often, our customers rely on us for this detail. We must be 5-6 weeks ahead of our customers’ needs to allow for manufacturing, transit time, and freeze time which can take 3-4 weeks on its own. We also assist in planning for seasonal changes; larger frozen inventory in the warmer months of the year and conversely smaller inventories in cooler months of the year.

Our Account Managers arrange for ambient product to be shipped into a freezer that is close in proximity to the end user. We have built relationships with over 50 cold storage facilities all over the country which allows us to deliver frozen product to our customers from a location that is within a two-hour radius from the facility. Having the product conditioned this close to the destination allows us to deliver to our customers within hours of their needs.

PSI audits the storage and freezing fees at the local cold storage facilities and ensures product is allowed enough time in that environment for the phase change to occur prior to delivery which generally takes approximately three to four weeks.
Our Account Managers then arrange for the conditioned (frozen) product to be shipped to the customer by them simply sending an email the day prior to the need. Our goal is to provide product to our customers as they need it so that they can reduce carrying costs and maximize the space at their facilities.

As mentioned earlier, this process spans about five to six weeks so what seems like a simple task can get fairly complex quickly. PSI removes the complexity by managing the gel ice supply chain from initial planning to the logistics to your product being packed out and sent to the consumer. We understand that our customers are very busy and do not always have the time or resources to dedicate to the planning necessary for a seamless supply of frozen gel ice refrigerant, so our team is here to assist and allow our customers focus on their core business.

Generally our minimums are total volume purchases of at least 2 truckloads per month to qualify for our JIT Frozen Delivery Program.

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