Tips For Freezing

Healthcare Products
The Healthcare Products should be frozen in a standard household freezer prior to applying to the body (the temperature of these freezers should never be colder than 0°F). Remove the gel pack from the shipping container and place it flat on a shelf in the freezer. The gel pack should remain in the freezer for about 24 hours before use for optimum therapeutic value. After this time period remove the pack, place it in a barrier (PSI linen cover, terry cover, flex gel wrap, etc.), and apply it to the injured body part. Do not exceed 20 minutes of cold therapy at a time.

Commercial Products
Our pallets are specifically configured to allow efficient, uniform freezing of the gel packs. Simply place a full pallet of product in the freezer. The vent holes in the box along with the pallet stack will allow maximum air flow to penetrate the gel packs for the quickest freezing possible. We recommend that the different formulations be frozen at the temperatures below:

Glacier Ice, Ecogel, XCB-B, and XCB-BR: 0°F
XCB-R: -5°F
XCB-Y: -20°F

All formulations should be in the freezer for a minimum of 21 days to ensure completely frozen gel packs. This timeline can be reduced with more air circulation or pre-refrigerating the gel packs. Call us for more advice on how to best freeze the product for your application!

Custom Print & Sizing Available.

We will create any size gel pack to meet your requirements. We can design co-branded or custom labeled gel packs and refrigerants to match any need.

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