Enviro Ice™ Sets a New Standard in Sustainable Cold Chain Materials

Pelton Shepherd is proud to lead the industry in sustainability innovation with our groundbreaking Enviro Ice product.

Developed with our partners at Frosty Tech™, Enviro Ice delivers top-notch refrigerant capabilities and superb phase change stability in an eco-friendly formula that’s nontoxic, drain-safe and even recycles as plant food!

Enviro Ice is available in both a standard 0°C formula and a -12°C formula that offers a safe, reliable and cost-effective alternative to dry ice.

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Drain Safe and Recyclable for Consumer Convenience

Enviro Ice is proven 100% safe for household drains, PVC pipes, and septic systems. In fact, it actually contains an all-natural drain cleaner that reduces clogs. After the thawed refrigerant mixture is poured down the drain, the exterior plastic pouch can be recycled anywhere #4 low density polyethylene plastic is accepted, providing your end consumers the benefits of easy disposal and the satisfaction of reduced landfill waste.

A Second Life as Plant Food

Enviro Ice is the only ice pack available which also recycles as plant food when diluted with tap water. Because of its special formulation, the gel in Enviro Ice packs can deliver plant nutrients with no risk of harm or contamination to the soil or nearby water. Our thickening agent is completely inert and proven biodegradable in scientific testing. We further tested the material to ensure it is non-toxic to all aquatic organisms. Finally, we took care to use coolant material that is not prone to premature bacteria and mold growth. As a result, our gel is free of the heavy antimicrobial additives that many other refrigerant gels require.

Enviro Ice plant food works by interacting with the microbial enzymes and moisture found naturally in soil – a process called hydrolysis. Within just two to four days of feeding, hydrolysis occurs, delivering nitrogen to the chlorophyll molecules in plants to support nourishment via photosynthesis. In an ongoing independent plant growth study, Enviro Ice supports 25% greater plant growth and improved coloring for corn and soybeans. 

We include instructions for how to apply Enviro Ice as plant food right on the product, making it easy to access this added benefit. Detailed instructions are also found on our Disposal Instructions page.  

Sustainability without Compromise

Enviro Ice technology delivers remarkable sustainability benefits with no compromise in performance. In fact, the product’s superior shape retention and powerful refrigerant properties make it an ideal substitute to conventional cold packs in virtually any cold chain shipping application.

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