How To Freeze Our Gel Packs

Our pallets are specifically configured to allow efficient, uniform freezing. Simply place a full pallet of ambient product in the freezer at the appropriate temperature for a minimum of 21 days.

  • Glacier Ice, Enviro Ice, Ecogel and CuraTemp XCB-B and XCB-BR: 0°C (32°F)
  • CuraTemp XCB-R and Enviro Ice -12°C: -20°C (-4°F)
  • CuraTemp XCB-Y: -28°C (-18°F)

Freezing timelines can be reduced with greater air circulation or pre-refrigeration of the gel packs. For larger orders, our COLD Delivery Program ships pre-conditioned product to your facility, right when you need it. 

Please contact us to learn more.

If you are freezing samples in less than pallet quantities, we recommend utilizing the tips below:

  • If freezing individual gel packs, please place the gel packs on the rack of your freezer laid flat. Product will freeze most efficiently if you do not stack gel packs on top of each other and leave approximately one inch in between gel packs laid side by side.
  • If freezing gel packs by the case, please place the gel packs on the rack of your freezer. Product will freeze most efficiently if you leave approximately one inch between cases.


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