Pat’s King Of Steaks Switches To Pelton Shepherd

Background picture of a PKS cheesesteak sandwich

Pat’s King of Steaks is the originator of the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. Pat Olivieri invented it in 1950 and today his family still runs the business from the classic location in South Philadelphia. Beloved by many across the US, Pat’s cheesesteak sandwiches have been available via refrigerated shipping since 2019. We interviewed Jon McGahan, Shipping Manager on his experience working with Pelton Shepherd.

John, what is important to your business when it comes to gel packs?

We have been shipping next day air or ground for local delivery for the past 4 years and Pelton Shepherd gel packs have proved perfect for our needs. We started initially using [competitor name edited] but my professional network recommended Pelton Shepherd. We tried and found them better in terms of price and quality.

Can you recall a particular situation when Pelton Shepherd helped your business?

When the Eagles went to the 2023 SuperBowl, it was a fantastic surprise. We realized that we did not have enough gel packs needed to make sure all the fans could get their original Philly cheesesteaks for the big game across the US. I called Andrew with a big last minute request. In a matter of hours the Pelton Shepherd logistic team was able to pull out the stops and get me a frozen pallet of gel packs for pick up within 48 hours. Thanks to that extra level of support, we sold 3 times the normal amount of shipped food for the big game.

Which gel pack do you use today?

Glacier Ice. It delivers the best value for our business.

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