a drain safe gel pack being poured in a sink

Vortec Ice


a drain safe gel pack being poured in a sink

Drain safe, Leak-resistant, Cost-effective

Drain safe gels offer a more convenient disposal option for end-users while reducing the amount of weight being sent to landfills hence lowering the end-of-life carbon footprint of gel packs. However competitors’ drain safe gels tend too be too liquid thus prone to more leaks.

Vortec Ice is cost effective, drain safe but thick to reduce risks of leaks.

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the first, only*, truly compostable gel pack
Terra Ice™ is a unique gel pack made from a BPI-certified compostable film and a gel crafted from natural gelling agents and preservatives.
No more recycling, thawing or cutting the pouch open. Just toss it and feel good about it. It will turn back into usable soil.
(*) patent pending
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