The Eco-Friendly Ice Pack That Reflects Our Mindful Packaging Approach

Dinner Belle Nashville started with a simple mission: Help busy moms with healthy, quality prepared meals made locally and sustainably. We interviewed Laura Axelson, Founder and CEO of Dinner Belle Nashville on her experience being one of the first users of Terra Ice.


What made you want to start your own delivered meals business?

Talking to other moms during our kids’ playdates, we realized that meal delivery services were convenient in theory, but the food quality was rarely meeting our expectations and the amount of waste created was always a disappointment. I started Dinner Belle Nashville with the goal of helping my community with high quality, local delivery of fresh meals with minimal waste and packaging.


What makes your business special?

I want families to have a sense of peace about the food they share; they need food that is good for them, for their family and the environment. Meal kit companies tend to advertise on price and nutrition data. Our team prides itself on delivering fully prepared, high-quality meals that satisfy body and mind. We don’t track numbers except maybe one: zero. We aim for zero waste.


What is important for you related to gel packs?

Traditional gel packs, with their plastic pouches and all this gel felt wasteful. We experimented with frozen water bottles, but the hard plastic bottles had a negative image with our customers. So, I had been looking for a refrigerant solution that is better for the environment and looks more sustainable.


Where did you look to find your solution?

I googled but could not find anything. Luckily, Andrew told me about Terra Ice 2.0 before it was released so I got the chance to start using it a few months ago as local temperatures were going up.


How did your customers react?

We sent a survey with every delivery for the first few weeks. Customers really liked the Terra Ice gel packs and praised our effort to do something different and better for the environment.


What are Terra Ice’s pros and cons from your perspective, the business owner?

First the gel really holds the cold despite the hot summer in Tennessee. Much longer than frozen water would. I also love the pale green color: it is nice, peaceful and communicates our mindful approach to packaging.

On the cons, Terra Ice is only commercially compostable. I wish it was also backyard compostable.


What is next for Dinner Belle Nashville?

I am looking forward to the fall season! We expect a big surge in orders as everybody is back in town from the summer holidays. I can’t wait to serve the seasonal flavors (apple, pumpkin, squash come to mind) and to continue to grow and serve people in Nashville.


To continue with its pioneering tradition of eco-friendly ice packs, Pelton Shepherd released the first fully compostable gel pack, Terra Ice in 2022. In September 2023 Terra Ice 2.0, a more cost effective and shelf-stable version will be released at Pack expo Las Vegas. Join us in the south lobby at booth SL-6942

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