Why is drain-safe more sustainable?

Late 2023, Pelton Shepherd released a simple new product with a quantifiable sustainability impact: Vortec Ice™.

Vortec Ice Getting PouredInto The Sink

Vortec Ice™ is the result of the feedback of our customers who wanted a sustainable gel pack with the best possible cost-structure as well as better disposal experience for end users. Vortec Ice™ is designed to be disposed of in the kitchen sink or toilet bowl. It uses non-toxic, consumer-grade gelling agents that disperse completely in running water. The gel has been deemed safe for drains and septic systems by a reputable 3rd party laboratory.

throwing the whole gel pack in the garbage bin increases the CO2 emissions from garbage trucks

Every time a gel pack is disposed of in the trash, garbage trucks must carry that weight to the landfill which generates greenhouse gases.

a garbage truck produces less CO2 if empty gal packs are disposed of

According to our research, 56lbs of CO2 is generated by the transport of one pallet’s worth of gel packs to the landfill. Since 99.9% of the weight of gel packs comes from the gel, disposing of it through the used water system eliminates these GHG emissions altogether.

If you’d like to find out more visit the Vortec Ice™ page, or contact us.

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