Commercial Gel Packs

Pelton Shepherd Industries specializes in the production of ice refrigerant, and gel refrigerant packs for the commercial cold chain packaging and healthcare industries. In fact, Jack Shepherd invented the original "Third Ice Known to Mankind" in 1950! We've been setting the bar in the cold chain packaging industry since it began.

EcoGel and Glacier Ice packs are safe, durable, and moderately priced. Individual packs in about a dozen sizes. The Johnny Plastic Ice gel pack products are actually the original formulation that started the cold chain packaging industry. Moisture Guard contain the Glacier Ice formulation, but have a unique outer material that is designed to absorb moisture.

If you need to maintain the shape around the products that you ship, Foam Bricks gel blocks are designed to retain their shape whether frozen or thawed.

Custom Print & Sizing Available.

We will create any size gel pack to meet your requirements. We can design co-branded or custom labeled gel packs and refrigerants to match any need.

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