What Type of Ice Pack Do I Need

Benefits Of Pelton Shepherd

The Benefits of Pelton Shepherd Gel Packs

The Best Gel Packs For Your Needs

Whether you need long-lasting ice packs for last-mile shipping or transporting perishables between intermediaries, you can trust Pelton Shepherd’s gel packs. Over the past 70 years, we’ve identified the challenges of cold chain shipping, from minimizing temperature deviations to maximizing cost and space efficiency, and we’ve learned how to solve them. We design our refrigerant solutions precisely to address the needs of cold chain shippers.

Learn more about our gel packs and their advantages below.

What Type of Ice Pack Do I Need

Durability You Can Depend On

Our gel packs have a tough, puncture-resistant exterior to reduce the risk of in-transit leaks and preserve product integrity. Our EcoGel ice packs offer an added layer of protection — a dense gel that won’t seep through if a small puncture occurs. 

You can also count on our gel formulations to support your temperature control requirements. We offer a range of eutectic points to meet your product’s shipping specifications, whether you require a 10F or a +32 F formulation. Our CuraTemp Pro ice packs, in particular, feature a self-insulating exterior to prevent temperature excursions and keep perishables cold or frozen — depending on the formulation you choose — throughout transit. 

Depending on ambient conditions and shipping container insulation, our ice packs can last for days. Still, we always recommend testing our gel packs before use to confirm that they will meet your requirements. We’re happy to provide samples of our gel packs — please contact us to learn more.

a picture of a custom branded gel pack in a food delivery box

Peace of Mind Without the Cost

We offer economical options and customization opportunities to give you the reliable cold chain solutions you need without exceeding your budget. 

For example, our Glacier Ice™ gel packs are our most cost-effective refrigerant solution, ideal for everyday, one-way shipments. If you’re seeking a gel pack that’s both affordable and sustainable, consider our Vortec Ice™ gel packs.

All of our gel packs are available in various sizes to enable tighter pack-outs and, ultimately, lower shipping costs. 

Innovation That's Also Sustainable

At Pelton Shepherd, our commitment to sustainability fuels our drive for innovation. We’ve developed our TerraTemp line to provide unique, eco-friendly refrigerant solutions and simplify sustainability.

Some of our most notable TerraTemp products include Terra Ice™, the first and only truly compostable gel pack, and Enviro Ice™ cold packs. Enviro Ice™ contains gel that can also be used as plant fertilizer — enhancing the end-user experience and lessening the load on landfills.

Additionally, most of our gel packs are reusable. Reusable gel packs can be an excellent way to highlight environmental responsibility and improve brand perception. Note that Terra Ice™ gel packs are not reusable due to their unique compostable design.

Enviro Ice, a plant food gel pack being diluted in watering can

We're a Gel Pack Manufacturer and a Partner

Although we can confidently say the quality and reliability of our gel packs set us apart, our dedication to our customer’s success is also a differentiating factor. We take a collaborative approach to every customer relationship and strive for your satisfaction. From offering ongoing support to ensuring you have solutions that meet your precise time, temperature and sizing requirements, we’re here for you.

Whether you need to order reusable gel ice packs in bulk or are searching for the most cost-effective option, let us help. Get in touch with our team today.

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Our Manufacturing Process

A Look Into Our Manufacturing Process

Gel Packs You Can Count On

Maintaining precise temperature control while keeping shipping costs low and meeting compliance regulations — it’s all possible with Pelton Shepherd. You can trust the high-quality gel packs we’ve been innovating, designing and manufacturing for over 70 years right here in the United States.  

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Our Design And Manufacturing Process ​

Our gel pack designs begin with the intent to serve our customers. We understand that cold chain shippers have a growing need for cost-effective, reliable and sustainable refrigerant solutions, and we craft our products accordingly.

For example, we developed our TerraTemp line of gel packs to help businesses adopt sustainable shipping practices and showcase environmental responsibility. Our TerraTemp gel packs are manufactured with a specially formulated, drain- and septic-safe gel for convenient and low-impact disposal. Some of our solutions, such as our Enviro Ice™ gel packs, contain a uniquely formulated, lab-tested gel that doubles as plant fertilizer.

All of our products are designed and manufactured to consistently meet the highest quality standards, provide accurate temperature control and offer resiliency you can depend on.

a picture of a custom branded gel pack in a food delivery box

Our Custom Solutions

You may have unique shipping needs and require a custom solution. We’re happy to design and produce custom gel packs to meet your precise sizing and temperature control requirements. We can also print your logo or message on the gel pack film to help build brand awareness.

Whether you need custom gel packs that maximize space efficiency or feature brand-promoting exteriors, our team is ready to collaborate.

Our Facilities

We have eight state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in California, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Georgia and New Jersey. Our strategically selected locations enable us to deliver our products efficiently and meet the demands of shippers nationwide.

We also offer a custom logistics program to ensure you have gel packs when you need them. With our Conditioning Operations, Logistics and Delivery (COLD) program, we collaborate with you to forecast your demand for refrigerants and manufacture gel packs according to your timeline.

After the manufacturing process, which takes about one to two weeks, we’ll ship your gel packs to a cold chain partner to condition them. We partner with over 50 cold storage facilities spread across the country. Our vast partner network allows us to deliver ready-to-use gel packs to meet your forecasted deadlines.

a map of Pelton Shepherd manufacturing facilities and cold storage partners

Success Stories

We’re more than just a gel pack manufacturer. We care about your success and look forward to being a partner in helping you achieve cold chain objectives. Harnessing our industry experience and commitment to exceptional service, you can rely on us to bring fresh ideas and seamless solutions to solve your most complex shipping challenges. 

Read our customer success stories to learn more about our partnership approach.

A Reliable Gel Pack Manufacturer Based in the USA

From planning logistics to protecting product integrity throughout transport, finding peace of mind in the cold chain industry can be challenging — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let us help you create a smooth, hassle-free cold chain with our innovative and cost-effective solutions. Contact our team to learn more or order gel packs today.

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Ice Freezer Packs for Vaccine Shipment

Life Sciences

Gel Packs For Shipping Pharmaceuticals

Trusted by Professionals for Safe, Reliable Transit

Today’s life science companies, such as pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, face unique cold chain challenges, from maintaining precise temperature settings to ship medications like Ozempic to adopting more sustainable direct-to-consumer shipping practices. Additionally, with rising shipping costs, businesses seek compact and cost-effective refrigerants to help keep delivery expenses down while meeting an increased demand for direct-to-consumer shipping.

If you distribute temperature-sensitive life science products such as medicine, gel ice packs offer a cost-effective, sustainable packaging solution that enables accurate temperature control.

Glacier Ice - Gel Refrigerant Ice Packs

Our Gel Packs for Shipping Pharmaceuticals

Gel packs often serve as a necessary refrigerant in hybrid and passive temperature-controlled packaging in the pharmaceutical cold chain. They are easier and safer to handle and ship than alternatives such as dry ice. Gel packs are also typically available in various sizes, shapes and eutectic points to meet temperature control needs.

We offer several innovative gel pack options to help you maintain the required temperatures and prevent product degradation while transporting pharmaceuticals. Our gel packs are reusable, making them a cost-effective option, and designed to solve pain points related to shipping temperature-sensitive products.

a picture of two glacier ice gel packs in a pharmaceuticals delivery box

Trusted When Cold Matters

If you’re seeking cost-effective, durable refrigerants for +30 F shipping needs, consider our GlacierTemp line of ice packs. 

a picture of two ecogel gel packs with a pharmaceuticals delivery box

Trusted When Sustainability Matters

Our uniquely sustainable TerraTemp packs are ideal if your organization is interested in sustainability and reducing carbon footprint while maintaining accurate temperatures. They have a eutectic point of 32 F and are available in a range of sizes. 

a picture showing gel pack cooling life science products

Trusted When Accuracy Matters

Our CuraTemp gel ice refrigerant is carefully formulated to provide accurate temperature controls and minimal expansion when frozen. Consisting of organic materials and semi-solid, non-toxic gel, CuraTemp packs are available in various eutectic points ranging from -10 F to +30 F.

Life Sciences Solutions

If our products do not meet your sizing needs, we can customize our gel packs to your specifications. We can also store our gel packs for you with our Conditioning Operations, Logistics and Delivery program, saving you the cost of keeping cold packs on site and ensuring your refrigerant orders are ready on time. From programs and services to product innovations, we’re working to keep your business on the cutting edge.

Our Conditioning Operations, Logistics and Delivery Program (“COLD”) takes the stress out of cold chain supply planning so you can focus on your core business.

Protect your operations from dry ice shortages with our proven high-performance, environmentally friendly alternative, Enviro Ice™ -12°C.

Custom Solutions

Our representatives are well versed in the specific shipping requirements of the life sciences industries. We’re ready to work with you to meet your business needs. 

Learn More About Our Gel Packs for Shipping Life Science Products

When health and well-being are on the line, every degree matters. You can count on us for the performance and reliability you need to ship temperature-sensitive products confidently.

Browse our product catalog or contact us to learn more about our cold chain solutions.

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