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Safety Data Sheets for our products are not available publicly on our website since they contain confidential information. However, Pelton Shepherd customers can obtain SDS sheets via request at our Contact Us page.

Because every business is unique, we’re committed to providing custom service and solutions to meet your individual requirements. Please contact us to quickly access pricing information specific to your shipping needs.

Yes, we do have minimum orders.

  • For commercial refrigerants, our minimum order varies by product line from one to four pallets.
  • For physical therapy products, our minimum order is $250.

We have eight manufacturing facilities strategically located across the US to ensure efficient distribution and minimize freight costs. Your specific costs will depend on your location and order volume, with higher volumes allowing lower incremental freight costs.

As a Pelton Shepherd customer, you’re welcome to secure your own freight carrier and negotiate costs independently. If you prefer, our transportation department will research costs with our preferred carriers to help you get the best price.

Our products are manufactured for top-notch reliability and stability. However, it’s important to note that specific performance will vary with your individual shipping conditions. We always recommend that customers test our refrigerants prior to using them at scale.

The following variables will affect temperature control during shipping:

  • The temperature of your product and ambient environment during initial packing with our refrigerants
  • The type and thickness of the insulation in your shipping container
  • The duration of transit
  • Ambient temperature and duration of exposure during handling upon arrival

Yes. Gel ice packs can provide a safer, more reliable and more cost-effective dry ice alternative. Enviro Ice -12°C is the ideal substitute, offering a consistent freezing point that protects sensitive materials and frozen goods requiring extremely low temperatures.

In addition to its safety and performance advantages, Enviro Ice -12°C is 100% safe for drains and septic systems, and recycles as plant food.  Learn more about these sustainability benefits here. 

Our ice packs offer several advantages over dry ice.

Safety: Dry ice is dangerous to handle, can contain harmful contaminants and is considered a hazardous material for air and water transportation. In contrast, our Enviro Ice -12°C packs offer similar refrigerant properties in a formula that’s safe to handle, 100% food-safe and nontoxic. 

Control: Dry ice is highly unstable, which introduces additional risk and complexity to cold chain operations. Using more stable gel ice packs instead allows easier refrigerant inventory control. 

Sustainability: Enviro Ice provides reliable performance along with industry-leading advantages in biodegradability and recyclability.

Read more about alternatives to dry ice here.

Please see our Disposal Instructions page for specific information about each product.

We have eight manufacturing sites across the US, located in California, Texas, Missouri, Georgia, Ohio, New Jersey, Arizona and Illinois.

We also partner with more than 50 cold storage partners from coast to coast. This unique network allows us to support our customers with our Conditioning Operations, Logistics and Delivery (COLD) Program, and lower freight costs. 

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Consistently Accurate, Uniquely Sustainable Commercial Gel Packs

Whatever your priority, our extensive catalog has reliable options to match. Our gel pack lines include:

a picture of a glacier ice gel pack in a vegetables delivery box

Backed by decades of performance, our GlacierTemp cold packs and shapeable foam bricks offer various price points and features for shipping needs requiring 32°F formulations.

a picture of a compostable gel pack

High-performing and revolutionary TerraTemp packs offer a sustainable choice with no compromises.

CuraTemp - Freezer Packs for Temperature Accuracy

Formulated in eutectic points ranging from -10°F to 32°F, CuraTemp packs ensure precise temperature control.

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