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Glacier Temp

From fluctuating ambient temperatures to improper packaging practices, a lot can happen to break the cold chain. According to a 2021 survey of shippers, proper last-mile handling and product packaging are among the top 10 cold chain challenges worldwide. Keeping shipping costs low while preventing temperature excursions presents yet another challenge.

At Pelton Shepherd, we understand the obstacles cold chain shippers face. Using over 70 years of industry experience, we’ve designed Glacier Temp gel packs to stand up to these challenges. You can count on Glacier Temp as a cost-effective solution that delivers the temperature control you need. 

Glacier Ice - Gel Refrigerant Freezer Packs
 Glacier Ice - Gel Refrigerant Freezer Packs

Glacier Ice™

Ideal Refrigerant for Your Everyday Shipping Needs

When you require an everyday refrigerant to manage cold chain shipping costs, choose Glacier Ice™. We can confidently say that Glacier Ice™ is the top gel pack in the United States, trusted by pharmaceutical and meal kit delivery companies for decades.

Our Glacier Ice™ gel packs are our most economical option and ideal for shipping products one way. Featuring a tough puncture-resistant film, a slow-to-thaw water-based gel and a 30 F eutectic point, Glacier Ice™ gel packs are a highly reliable method for keeping shipments cold during transit.

EcoGel - Sustainable Gel Refrigerant Ice Pack
 EcoGel - Sustainable Gel Refrigerant Ice Pack


Uniquely Designed Leak-Proof Solution

Our leak-proof EcoGel™ ice packs solve the problem of shipping products with sharp corners. EcoGel™ features two layers of protection against leaks — a robust, puncture-resistant exterior and a specially formulated, dough-like gel. The gel’s unique consistency keeps it from leaking if a small puncture occurs.

Since EcoGel™ minimally expands as it freezes, it also enables tight pack-outs and maximizes space efficiency.

GlacierTemp Moisture Guard - Ice Packs that Prevent Moisture Damage
 GlacierTemp Moisture Guard - Ice Packs that Prevent Moisture Damage

Glacier Moisture Guard

Built to Prevent Moisture Damage

Glacier Moisture Guard is our sweat-proof gel pack. Featuring an innovative, moisture-wicking exterior, Glacier Moisture Guard absorbs the normal condensation that can form on a gel pack’s surface, protecting packaging materials from moisture incursion.

Our Glacier Moisture Guard gel packs offer the ideal solution for shipping moisture-sensitive products like confections and fresh produce. They contain the same gel formulation as Glacier Ice™ gel packs, so you can count on them for reliable temperature control.

Glacier Ice Foam Bricks
 Glacier Ice Foam Bricks

glacier foam brick

Precisely Shaped for Tight Pack-Outs

If you require a packaging solution that limits in-transit movement, saves space and provides long-lasting cold, choose Glacier Foam Bricks — our foam-filled refrigerant blocks.

Glacier Foam Bricks offer precise shape tolerances to meet your exact packaging needs. They also retain their shape throughout the freeze-thaw cycle, enabling optimum space efficiency and tighter pack-outs. With an exceptional energy absorption rate that efficiently dissipates heat, Glacier Foam Bricks protect perishables from temperature fluctuations.

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When you need reliable and economical gel packs for shipping cold chain products, trust our Glacier Temp line. Reach out to our team for a quote or to learn more about our innovative cold packs.

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