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Cura Temp

Gel Packs for Precise Temperature Control

CuraTemp Gel Packs

Many factors can impact consistent, accurate temperature control throughout the cold chain, from unforeseen traffic delays to improper package handling. These factors make it challenging to prevent temperature deviations, potentially impacting the quality of perishables and leading to product loss.

Consider that pharmaceutical companies lose $35 billion annually due to temperature-control malfunctions — a number that can be prevented. Gel packs that enable precise temperature control offer a cost-effective way to mitigate product spoilage and loss.

Specially formulated to maintain precise eutectic points, you can count on CuraTemp gel packs to ensure accurate control for shipping temperature-sensitive products like pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages and other perishables.

a picture of 4 different sizes of mat white gel packs on a dark blue background
 a picture of 4 different sizes of mat white gel packs on a dark blue background

CuraTemp Pro

Premium Gel Ice Refrigerant

CuraTemp Pro is our premium gel ice pack, crafted to prevent temperature excursions when it matters most. It features a self-insulating composition designed to maintain a consistent temperature throughout transit by reducing heat transfer from the environment to the refrigerant.

Available in eutectic points ranging from -10 F to +30 F, CuraTemp is ideal for shipping perishables with strict temperature requirements, including vaccines, insulin, dairy products and seafood. The +10 F formulation keeps shipments frozen during transport.

CuraTemp Pro gel packs also expand minimally during freezing, meaning they retain shape and remain mostly unchanged as they thaw. You can effectively use CureTemp Pro for tight pack-outs and maximizing container space.

Sizes range from 8 to 68 ounces to meet your packaging needs and are available at various price points. You can also choose from reusable or disposable CuraTemp Pro packs to suit your preferences.

Contact Our Team for a Quote

When precise and consistent temperature control is a concern, CuraTemp gel packs provide peace of mind. To order CuraTemp packs, contact our team for a quote. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about CuraTemp or recommend the best refrigerant solution for your needs.

Whether you need to prevent temperature deviations throughout inventory transfer or during last-mile delivery, you can count on our CuraTemp gel packs to perform. 

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Leading the industry in energy efficiency, environmental safety and recyclability, TerraTemp packs offer a sustainable choice with no compromises.

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